30-day Fitness Challenge

30-Day Fitness Challenge

Join the Challenge & Get Healthy, Lean & Strong! 


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30 Day Fitness Challenge - My Fit Station

30-day Fitness Challenge

Ready to get in Tip-top Shape & STAY in Shape ALL-YEAR-ROUND?

We’ve put together an extended version of our Monthly Fitness Challenges to help you reach your fitness goals like a PRO in the upcoming 30-days!

Your 30-day Fitness Challenge includes:

  • 30-day Functional/Do-it-anywhere Workout Calendar with Printable Workouts (linked exercise demos)
  • 7-day Slimming and Fueling, Wholesome Meal Plan (recipes included)
  • MFS Daily Fitness Logs (set your daily goals, track your workouts, diet and overall satisfaction)
  • Weekly Planner & Wrap-Up (set your weekly goals and track your progress)
  • Body Stats Chart (take your measurements before & after the challenge)
  • Additional Workout & Diet Guidelines & Tips, etc.

30 Day Fitness Challenge Preview