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My Fit Station (MFS) is a “mind, body & soul” health & fitness related website that delivers regular & original content to its viewers. Our goal is to inspire, educate and motivate our readers to lead a healthy, fit, and balanced life. Our topics range from motivational workout tips & tools, healthy recipes, printable workouts, helpful fitness tips and advice, fitness challenges, personal growth and more.

The majority of our readers are US female (over 50%) citizens, between the age of 18-40 who are looking for fitness & weight loss tips and motivation, healthy recipes and workouts. 

MFS holds a current authority score of 42 via ahrefs. Over 2MM lifetime visitors.

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    Quality Assurance and Review Process:

    No plagiarism! We use CopyScape and it is at the Executive Editor’s decision whether the offense warrants a warning or removal from the Contributing Experts roster.

    No self-plagiarism: You can’t “borrow” sentences from your own prior published content, or from company blog posts (or other written materials). If you’re going to use someone else’s words/thoughts, it must be properly attributed.

    This plagiarism checker will make sure the content is completely original and not pilfered from elsewhere. It can detect whole sentences that have been lifted from other articles. SmallSEOTools has a free Plagiarism Checker you can use by simply pasting in text, it will then search the web to check the text for originality.

    Similar to the Plagiarism Checker, you can use Google’s image search to make sure the guest poster’s images are original and/or they have correct permission to use them.